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Proposals and Bankruptcy

What it all means

Coming to terms with financial insolvency is emotionally draining for people and the stress can be overwhelming. Constant calls from creditors/collectors at home and even at work can cause sleepless nights. It can harm relationships and …

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OPD’s Demise

Highly valued debtors program to be greatly missed

Doug and Sue are faced with a financial crisis and are determined to do whatever it takes to gain control over their debts.

They want to pay their creditors and are in …

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Oh No! What Have I Done?

Co-signing a loan

Over the years I have met many people who have co-signed loans, or signed as a guarantor for someone only to regret it later. Many of these people have told me they would never have done it …

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Money Issues and Relationships

Sharing the responsibilities

In today’s economically driven world, money is becoming an increasingly important issue in human relationships. Relationships are much more complex than a bank statement; however, money is a main source of anxiety for many couples.…

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