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Are you burdened with debt and looking for a way out?

Look for credit counselling advice you can trust. Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc. is an independent, Canadian agency that works for you, not your creditors.

Not all credit counselling agencies have your best interests at heart!

In fact, there are two types of credit counselling agencies out there: ‘non-profit’ agencies and independents. So-called, ‘non-profits’ are actually creditor-funded agencies. These agencies receive most of their funding by way of a commission-based payment structure from the people you owe money to. Independent agencies, which are funded solely by their clients, act only your behalf– not on that of your creditors.

Choosing the right credit counsellor is critical to your financial freedom and emotional well-being. So, before accepting services, consider your needs carefully. Do you need an agency that will represent only you to your creditors? Do you need a counsellor who will strongly advocate on your behalfin every area — education, debt management, debt reduction and personal support?

Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc. is a licensed member of the Canadian Association of Independent Credit Counselling Agencies. We have solutions to meet your needs, pay your creditors, and get you out of debt – on your terms.

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no obligation telephone consultation with a licensed credit counsellor.
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