Bankruptcy Information

Doug and Sue's worst fears confirmed

There are different degrees of over-indebtedness, just as there are many reasons for getting into debt. Some people are unable to repay their debts because of income interruption, unforeseen large expenses, personal difficulties or poor money management.

Proposals possible, but Bankruptcy sometimes the only solution

Doug and Sue are typical of those who seek assistance with their financial problems. Many like Doug and Sue never imagined they would one time need the services of a credit counsellor.

Highly valued debtors program to be greatly missed

Doug and Sue are faced with a financial crisis and are determined to do whatever it takes to gain control over their debts.

They want to pay their creditors and are in my office exploring their financial options. The couple has heard of a program called Orderly Payment of Debts (OPD) and want to know how it can be of help to them.

What it all means

Coming to terms with financial insolvency is emotionally draining for people and the stress can be overwhelming. Constant calls from creditors/collectors at home and even at work can cause sleepless nights. It can harm relationships and affect a person’s performance at work.