Payroll Loans

How lenders determine a person’s ability to pay

When you apply for credit, the lender must estimate the probability that you will be able to repay the debt as scheduled. What does a lender need to know in order to predict your reliability and your capacity to repay this debt? The creditor starts by assessing your application for credit, in which you provide quite a bit of information about yourself, your residence, occupation, bank, salary, mortgage, and consumer debts. In addition, the lender may want to know how you have handled previous credit transactions. Such information can be obtained from the credit bureau.

Did you know? Debt problems may be caused by using the services of payroll loans aka payday loans.

Many consumers that use the services of a payday loan company have credit problems, no bank account, a poor or bad credit rating, a lower credit score and are financially desperate. Payday loans are not the only, nor are they the best solution for consumers facing debt problems. 

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