Without breaking the bank

If you really needed to get your hands on some cash quickly, would you know how?

Here are some ways that you can raise cash in a hurry. It is important to consider the financial cost of your options and determine whether you can afford to make the additional debt payments you may incur because of added borrowing.

Debt Management Programs - a win-win situation

Sue and Doug are the first to admit how difficult their debt problems have been. Continual anxiety about paying bills and making credit card payments can make life unbearable. However, this time Doug and Sue are determined to take charge of their financial situation.

Financial difficulty mostly due to lack of planning

Have you ever wondered why some people manage to store away money, no matter how little they earn, while others of us never have any money no matter how much we make?

Researchers tell us that our debts are more to do with our behaviour patterns and our self esteem than with how much money we earn. I call it "retail therapy." We spend money to make ourselves feel better. If it was our own money, this may or may not be a problem. But for many consumers the money being spent on "retail therapy" is borrowed, money that has a huge emotional price tag if we are not able to pay it back.