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Debt Repayment Options

Are You Confused About the Difference Between Various Debt Repayment Options?

Financial hardship can happen to anyone and it is often unexpected. A loss of employment, medical emergency or a change in personal circumstances, such as a divorce, can quickly …

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Proposals and Bankruptcy

What it all means

Coming to terms with financial insolvency is emotionally draining for people and the stress can be overwhelming. Constant calls from creditors/collectors at home and even at work can cause sleepless nights. It can harm relationships and …

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Debtors Beware

Consolidation loans no quick and easy answer

“I never thought in a million years I would ever be here” and “I can’t believe this is happening to me” are the anguished cries that I have heard countless times from clients …

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Bankruptcy Beckons

Doug and Sue’s worst fears confirmed

There are different degrees of over-indebtedness, just as there are many reasons for getting into debt. Some people are unable to repay their debts because of COVID-19 and income interruption, unforeseen large expenses, personal …

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