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Will that be Cash or Chargex?

The unpaid bills are piling up. The inbox is full of late payment reminders, and you have stopped opening the mail. You don't answer your phone anymore for fear of who is calling. Call block only blocks some of the…

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Credit Card Facts

Do you know your credit card facts?

With 73 million MasterCard and Visa’s in the wallets of Canadian consumers – I believe the more we know about these little plastic cards, the better. Did you know, the highest sales volume …

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Financial Fallacies: Are You Living in Debt Denial?

Interestingly, a recent survey ( suggests that nearly one quarter of Canadians underestimate how their debt stacks up against the national average (hint: they owe more than the national average).  On the other hand, the number of Canadians with no…

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Debt Freedom 56

Before rushing into my usual tirade about banks doing surveys and leaving the impression their findings are indisputable facts, I just loved the reference quote in the article in the Vancouver Sun  today about a boomer who lived through double-digit…

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