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If you find yourself overwhelmed with credit card debt, having trouble making payments, or even avoiding collection calls from creditors, know this: you are not alone, and there is help available for you.

We have clients who come to us so deep in credit card debt that they are on the brink of bankruptcy, barely staying afloat from payment to payment. Others aren’t so desperate but are still looking for a way to get a handle on their debt and become debt-free. Credit Solutions is the credit card debt help you are looking for because we work with you to design a debt repayment program that works for you.

Our certified credit counsellor will evaluate your income, your expenses, and your debt load to create a customized debt solution plan for you. Then we work with all of your creditors to get them to agree to your plan and reduce or eliminate interest charges to you. Once the agreement is signed, all you have to do is make one affordable payment to us in Trust, which we then distribute to all of your creditors per their pre-agreed share.

Collection calls and collection letters will cease, and Solutions will become the contact for your creditors should they need to communicate. We take care of all the paperwork, the payment transactions, and the distribution so that you can breathe a sigh of relief and take care of the debts at a pace that works with your budget.

You will be able to make extra payments whenever possible if you wish, and get account updates (balances) to watch your debt go down and see when it is scheduled to be gone for good.

Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc. is a Government Licensed Debt Repayment solution you can trust! All of our credit counsellors are registered, we have government licenses to operate as Debt Repayment Agents, and we collect and distribute all monies from a government monitored trust account. This is why Solutions is trusted by Canadians (read our client reviews) and you can trust in Credit Solutions too.

Did you know that Solutions’ President and CEO Margaret Johnson is also the president of CAICCA (Canadian Association of Independent Credit Counselling Agencies)? That means that, on top of her decades of experience and an incredible list of qualifications, she has a strong reputation to uphold as the industry leader and watchdog for any unsavory business practices within the credit counselling industry.

So what are you waiting for? Get credit card debt help now by calling 1-877-588-9491 or fill out our quick form.

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