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Canadian Credit Counsellor

If you have delinquent accounts (in arrears, possibly in collections) they are listed on your credit report as R9. R9 is bad, and it will send your credit score down to the ground.

The quickest way to increase your credit score is to bump those R9 accounts up to an R7 status, which signifies credit counselling. This will raise your credit score to a low-mid range level. Following the completion of your credit counselling (debt management program), those R7s will disappear from your record within 3 years, and your credit score will rise back to the top where it should be.

Now you are probably wondering, what is credit counselling, and is it for me? If you have unsecured debt and steady income you will probably qualify for and benefit from credit counselling (a debt repayment program). There is only one way to know for sure, and that is to call and talk to a certified credit counsellor (the consultation is free and confidential) or get a free email assessment by contacting us at

Enrolling in a debt repayment program with Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc is a great way to increase your credit score if you are behind on debt payments, or your debt repayment is stagnant. While on the program, you will learn budgeting and money management, and after completion, you will be debt-free and have the skills and tools to stay that way. We can give you plenty of guidance for increasing your credit score throughout the program and after.

Personal Credit Score Advisor

If you don’t have delinquent accounts and are managing your debt payments, credit counselling probably isn’t for you. BUT, we can still help you. Credit Solutions can work with you to increase your credit score with our personalized credit score advising service.

With over 22 years of experience working in the credit counselling industry (since 1999), Solutions credit score advisors know the ins and outs of the credit reporting and credit scoring system. We are experts in budgeting, debt management, and credit rebuilding.

After assessing your personal financial picture, we will instruct and guide you on all the ways you can increase your credit score based on your individual situation. As you make the recommended changes, we will monitor your credit report to see the changes are increasing your credit score. The advising and monitoring process will continue until you are completely satisfied with your increased credit score. For more information about our credit score advising service, please call 1-877-588-9491.

Your increased credit score will allow you to use smart, low-cost borrowing to your benefit, and get the big things you want in life such as a house or new car.

Talk to a Government Licensed Solutions credit counsellor today and see how we can help you increase your credit score 1-877-588-9491.

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